In the early 2000’s I began my journalism career with a video blog. That grew into a small video production business in which I covered live events. From that point I worked on getting videos onto the websites of newspapers I worked at. I was fortunate to work on some independent films and documentaries, as well as some pieces for Discovery Channel. Then came the DSLR revolution.

At the Nanaimo Daily News I put in a lot of extra hours with video and we were nominated for the inaugural Jack Webster Excellence in Multimedia Award in 2011, and won a Canadian Community Newspaper Award for our video election coverage. Video was getting a lot easier to produce.

Since then, I’ve used mobile phones and handheld DSLR cameras to capture news video as well as mini documentary style content for the web.

Spruce Grove city council mulls new arena facility

Spruce Grove Examiner Postmedia – January 18, 2019

I created a short video to accompany, and add value to, the print news story on the Spruce Grove Examiner’s website and begin their fledgling YouTube channel. I also developed some video blog style content with the staff and showed them how to use their photography equipment to easily create videos for the news website.

Bald Eagle Rescue

Nanaimo Daily News Postmedia – November 3, 2011

When I went to the veterinarian’s office for some advertising headshots, I was fortunate to learn that an injured bald eagle was coming in for a life-saving procedure. Rescuers found the animal in distress and brought it in to Dr. Ken Langelier, who proceeded to repair some broken bones. All it takes sometimes is sticking around a bit longer and flipping that DSLR camera mode dial to the video function and pressing record. This was one of my earliest news videos.

Gear reviews and testing

Once in a while I get to try out new camera equipment and in this video I braved sub-zero weather conditions to capture some beautiful scenes using low budget gear.

Experience with professional equipment

I am fortunate to be given some seriously professional gear to try out on occasion and make interesting stuff with it for a few months. This is the first broadcast camcorder I’ve used since 2006, and I loved it. I have a broad range of video equipment experience and a versatile kit of my own to create 4K delivery.